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Wahl Hi-Viz vs. Detailer Li

In the fast-paced, busy barber industry, having the right tools in your collection can take your art from an average job to an exceptional one. From bulk cuts to fine lines, the Detailer Li and Hi-Viz are two trimmers to keep in your line-up. But what’s the difference between the two, which is right for you, and do you need both?

The Legacy

In 1911, Leo Wahl invented the electromagnetic motor to power clippers and trimmers, contributing to over 100 years of innovation in the barbering industry. Today, Wahl continues to set standards for quality by expanding the trimmer line with the latest innovation – the Hi-Viz trimmer. Bringing precision blades, adaptive speed control, ergonomic design, and the legacy of Wahl to the market so that you can leave your legacy.


The Wahl Hi-Viz

If you want to perfect your lines, achieve meticulous designs, or upgrade your trimmer, the Wahl Hi-Viz is your solution.

The newest Wahl trimmer – the Hi-Viz – was created for those who live for the details. The all-metal and well-balanced body contains the latest ComfortCurve™ design, with carefully crafted curves to easily grip and control. This design ensures the clipper fits perfectly in your hand, offering more comfort and efficiency during those long, busy days.

The slim neck on the Hi-Viz trimmer gives you a clear view to achieve clean lines and intricate designs with the upgraded wide T-blade (with DLC coatings on the top and bottom of the blade). And the ability to zero-gap means a clean hit in even the most difficult places to reach. Not only are you satisfied with your precision work with the Hi-Viz, but your clients leave the chair with approval.

The Hi-Viz offers more than flash with a thorough focus on the features, with hand testing and assembling with care at Wahl headquarters in Sterling, IL. Equipped with innovative Adaptive Speed Control, the Hi-Viz provides perfect power through all hair types and textures, never slowing down, which keeps you at your highest efficiency. The runtime of the Hi-Viz is 135 minutes of nonstop cutting, while the charge time is only 45 minutes. When it’s time to charge your Hi-Viz trimmer, you can power up with the weighted charging stand, 5V cable, or a standard USB-C cord. Three charging options ensure you’re always ready for your next detail job.


Kit includes:

  • Pro-set tool to zero-gap to perfection
  • Weighted charging stand and 5V charging cable
  • Blade oil and cleaning brushes

The Wahl Detailer Li

The Wahl Detailer Li offers professional-quality clipping with a full-sized clipper motor inside the trimmer, making it ideal for bulk removal with the wide T-blade. The cordless trimmer has a sleek, ergonomic design and bottom housing grips, allowing for all-day use without discomfort. 

After 100 minutes of bulk cutting, your Detailer Li takes 45 minutes to charge using a 5V cord, or continue working corded.

Kit includes:

  • 3 T-Wide Trimming Guides (1/16", 1/8", 3/16")
  • Charging stand
  • Pro-set tool for zero-gapping
  • Charging cord
  • Blade oil and cleaning brushes


Detailer Li


Cordless Trimmer​

Includes Guide Combs​

Includes Charging Stand​

Compatible with Power Station​

USB-C Charging

Diamond-like & titanium coating


Automatic Speed Control​

Enhanced visibility​

Bulk removal ​

One hit passes​


Hi-Viz vs. Detailer Li 


The Detailer Li and the Hi-Viz trimmer are the perfect pair for achieving the results you and your client are looking for. Start with the power of the Detailer Li for bulk removal, and finesse the final touches with the Hi-Viz.


The Hi-Viz has quality, lightweight metal housing with a slim neck for high visibility, while the Detailer Li has multiple materials and includes a grip on the bottom of the housing.

The Hi-Viz features the ComfortCurve design for a natural and comfortable grip for the highest control. Although the Detailer Li does not feature ComfortCurve, it does have bottom housing grips, allowing for a secure hold.


The Hi-Viz comes with a newly engineered T-wide blade with diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings to stay sharper eight times longer than standard steel blades. The Detailer is also equipped with a T-wide blade but does not have additional blade coatings. Both the Detailer Li and Hi-Viz trimmer blades can be zero-gapped for perfection.


The Hi-Viz has three lights on the front to indicate battery level. The Detailer Li battery light shows battery charge with a single solid, flashing, or pulsing light. 

Both trimmers have a quick 45-minute charge time, but the Hi-Viz offers 35 more minutes of cutting (135 minutes total). Together, you can achieve almost 4 hours of precision cutting. 

The Wahl Professional PowerStation is compatible with the two trimmers, and the Hi-Viz can also be charged using a USB-C cable. The charging stand within the Hi-Viz kit is also interchangeable with PowerStation inserts, allowing owners to swap any of their PowerStation inserts to charge any Wahl 5V trimmer, clippers, or shavers on the single stand.


The Hi-Viz is the newest Wahl trimmer and includes Adaptive Speed Control to avoid stalling and provide perfect power through all hair types.

Pricing & Warranty

The Hi-Viz is sold at a higher price than the Detailer Li but offers more advanced technology. Both trimmers are backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Hi-Viz & Detailer Li

From bulk cuts to shape-ups and line-ups, the Detailer Li and the Hi-Viz will have you achieving goals and leaving a legacy.

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