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Get the Best Results with Your Wahl Clipper

As a barber or stylist, getting the best use and longest use out of your clippers and trimmers is important. Our tools are an investment in our career and customers, which is why we asked the expert, Wahl Educator Kristi Faulkner, for the top tips to get better results with your Wahl clippers and trimmers.  


Let’s first start by going over blade maintenance. After every use, the best thing you can use is the Wahl Clini-Clip. With the two-minute hospital-grade sanitation, you cannot go wrong, and it will not damage or corrode your blades.  

Directions: Remove any debris from the blade and spray your Clini-Clip on your clean blade. Let it sit for two minutes, then wipe off any of the remaining Clini-Clip. You’re almost ready for your next client. 

After using Clini-Clip, I, Kristi, always use the Wahl blade oil with our three-drop method.  

Directions: Oil your blades while your clipper is on by placing one drop on each side of the cutting blade and one on the side of the blade. Hold the clipper pointed down to ensure that no product will run into the motor. After oiling, always wipe off the excess oil.  

Regularly oiling and cleaning your blades keeps them sharp for efficient cutting, while also extending their longevity. When it’s time to replace your blades, new blades can be purchased on, or you can send them in to be sharpened if there’s still life left.  


Now let’s talk about adjusting your clipper and trimmer blades. When using corded clippers, your clipper blade needs to be adjusted just above zero, meaning that your cutting blade and your stationary blade are not completely flush. If you over-adjust your corded clipper blade, you possibly could pull the skin. On your cordless clippers, they can be adjusted to zero because of the linear base movement on the blade. For more information, the Wahl Professional YouTube guides you through replacing and adjusting your clipper blades.  

When it comes to Wahl trimmers, the Pro-Set tool can be used to zero-gap with ease and confidence, without over-adjusting. Adjusting your trimmer blades makes all the difference in the outcome of your haircut.  


On, the product finder will help you determine which tool is best for you. With so many clippers and trimmers to choose from, it’s important to choose the best one that fits your needs, from on-the-scalp haircutting to crisp, clean lines.  


To further learn tips and techniques on how to use your Wahl clippers and trimmers, Wahl offers a global education platform. You can tune into free live videos, rewatch previous live videos, and dive into on-demand education.