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Wahl Animal Introduces KMX™ Cordless

Whether you’re in the barn, prepping at a show or in the ring, Wahl Animal is with you.

Wahl Animal is excited to announce the addition of its newest cordless clipper, the KMX™. With the same great look and body of the KM Cordless, the KMX™ comes with the power you won’t want to live without.

The must-have KMX comes equipped with the fitter-preferred X-Block® blade, powering through fitting oils and glues with two high clipping speeds: 3,700 and 4,500 SPM. The days leading up to a show can be long, tiring and tough, which is why Wahl Animal built the KMX with an ergonomic design to be perfectly balanced in your hand and avoid wrist and arm fatigue. To lessen your stress during the busy season of little things like finding and using extension cords or ruining your charger, the KMX also comes with an 18-foot heavy-duty, rubberized charging cord to withstand barn messes and mishaps.

Differences Between KM Cordless and KMX™:

  • The KM Cordless runs at 3,000 & 3,700 SPM, while the KMX Cordless has a low speed of 3,700 SPM and a high speed of 4,500 SPM.
  • The KMX is bright neon green and the KM Cordless is poppy colored.
  • The KMX is intended for livestock (goats, pigs, horses, cattle) while the KM Cordless can be used for all markets – equine clipping, pet grooming and livestock fitting.
  • The KMX has an 18-foot industrial charging cord with a rubberized transformer box for continuous power.
  • The KMX is paired with the industry-leading X-Block® blade, while the KM Cordless is sold with a #10 Ultimate Competition series blade.

Similarities of the KM Cordless and KMX™:

  • Made in the USA and backed by 5 Year Hassle-Free Warranty.
  • 2-hour cordless runtime, but never lose clipping time with corded and cordless capabilities.
  • Lithium-Ion battery with a 10-minute quick charge feature for 15 extra minutes of cordless clipping.
  • Power through thick glues and oils with Constant Speed Control and avoid the heat with a brushless motor.
  • 16.1 oz

Where to Buy the KMX™ Cordless:

Coming Soon:

With any clipper, it’s important to continuously oil and sanitize your blades throughout clipping. To learn more on how to lengthen the life of your blades and clipper, visit and visit our Wahl Animal Classroom and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for additional tips and tricks.