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Why You Need the Vetiva Mini: From Wahl Ambassador Arisa Thomas and Wahl Product Experts

Are you in the market for a must-have trimmer for the hard to reach places?

Whether you are a top-notch veterinarian or superior groomer, Wahl’s new Vetiva Mini has noteworthy features to make your next cleaning and sanitation clip an easy, hassle-free groom. The Vetiva is the clipper you have been needing to get into the little cervices of a puppy’s paws, or to use for careful wound care and surgical use in the veterinary market. We asked professional groomer and Wahl Brand Ambassador, Arisa Thomas, and product experts to dive into the key qualities of the premium trimmer to explain why the clipper needs to be your next purchase.


Why is the Vetiva a recommended purchase?

Not only is Wahl’s cordless Vetiva Mini lithium ion powered, but the constant speed control of the trimmer allows it to tackle and glide through tough spots where other trimmers may stall or jam. Arisa Thomas said that the clippers are perfect for hard to reach places because of the convenient size. She also recommended introducing the Vetiva to puppies since it is quieter than a regular sized clipper.


What is the best use for the Vetiva Mini?

In the veterinary clinic, the Vetiva Mini is best used for surgical and IV prep with a #40 blade, allowing a hygienic clip. As a professional, the Vetiva mini allows the skilled groomer to reach small and hard to reach areas, such as inside the ears, paws and sanitary areas. Arisa noted that she preferred to use them for paw pad trimming, cleaning around the eyes and even removing the lip hair. Their quiet and mini feature allow the pup to stay calm while clipping in sensitive areas.

When it comes to the type of hair the Vetiva excels at when grooming, Wahl product experts suggest sticking to using on fine hair and cats, while Arisa advises to use with caution on dogs with sensitive skin as it can nick easily.


What are features this clipper has that other clippers lack?

Wahl Animal’s product team said, “The Vetiva Mini has a single housing design, ideal for easy and quick sanitation between use and a corrosion resistant blade designed to hold up through the toughest jobs. With a cord/cordless feature, this lithium ion battery powered trimmer has 120 minutes of cordless run time that outlasts many professional-grade trimmers in the market.” If that does not have you sold, Arisa illustrated what stood out most to her. “The blades are sharp and the clipper cuts extremely well!” When comparing mini clippers, Arisa also said this is now her go-to mini clipper, as her first clip with the Vetiva left a very clean cut – superior to other clippers, particularly in the hard to reach areas.


Is there any preparation involved before using the Vetiva?

To get the best use and performance out of your Vetiva, the Wahl product team recommends charging the clipper fully before using for the first time, then running the battery completely down before recharging. Always sanitize and oil the trimmer throughout use to ensure it stays in tip-top condition, but it’s especially important to sanitize and oil prior to the first use. When grooming, the preparation differs for the clipper and dog. Arisa said that she “found that the clipper works great on dogs that had tar or mats on their feet and even when the dog hasn’t been washed yet.”


In both the perspective of professional groomer Arisa Thomas and Wahl Animal product experts, the Vetiva Mini is a powerhouse and leader of the pack for mini clippers, grooming hard to reach places and sanitary areas, and for veterinarian surgical preparation – it’s a must-have clipper.