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Wahl Future Maker Experience: Ben Kane

Wahl Australia educator and 2023 Future Maker Ben Kane describes his experience at the Wahl Future Makers Collection shoot.

"Imagine 10 strangers from around the world instantly becoming a family all because of the same passion and love for Wahl and the future of this industry, vibe was wholesome. The feeling of the day was like Finals match day! Butterflies, adrenaline, excitement and strong energy knowing your team had your back. 

Being involved with Wahl for shoots like these is exciting, inspiring and uplifting. It really is what dreams are made of. 


I feel the inspiration for the shoot was to create a combination of current and upcoming trends for the future of our industry to recreate and inspire to. I feel the looks provide a variety of traditional barbering, fashion fades, modern hairdressing and forward hair styling to cater for all levels within our industry. The inspiration was to combine a global level of different style’s to open up our education platform to different styles and different ways to educate".

Check out Ben's Modern Mullet cut in the video below!


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