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Wahl Introduces Six New US Educators

Wahl Professional has made significant strides in education globally, revolutionizing the way hair professionals learn and grow in the barbering industry. This year, Wahl continued committing to education through the Wahl Barber Academy, a new global on-demand education system, the Wahl Fade It Forward® program, countless live educational events, and adding new educators to the team.

Wahl is proud to introduce six new US educators from across the country: Brittany Calzada, Christian Gonzalez, Colleen Brickley, Rodrick Samuels, Rory Sevajian, and Steve Wren.

“Wahl has built an educator team that is best in class– selected for their talent, effort, and character– knowing they will inspire professionals from around the world to improve their craft,” Garrett McGuire, Wahl’s Global Brand Director, explains. “The highest levels of educators in this industry are not only skilled barbers and stylists, but they understand how to communicate and motivate in ways that set them apart from their peers. That’s the Wahl Education team.”

Learn more by scrolling through the images and reading the bios of the new Wahl Pro educators (below images).

Meet Brittany Calzada, a seasoned barber with nine years of experience in the industry. Her journey began as a junior in high school, where her fascination with the art of sculpting hair took root. Brittany's dedication and skill have earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious Barbercon 'Come Up Award' and the title of 'Most Consistent Female Barber of the Year' at the California Barber Expo.  

 Beyond her impressive career, Brittany is passionate about contributing to her industry's growth. She organizes networking events throughout Southern California, providing her peers with a platform to showcase their talents and raise awareness for their brands. Her commitment extends to judging barber battles and traveling, further cementing her status as a respected figure in the world of barbering.  

 Brittany Calzada is more than a barber; she's a driving force in the industry, continually pushing boundaries and helping others succeed. 

Christian “CJ” Gonzalez entered barbering in 2017 as a side hustle, but it quickly became a passion of his after attending his first barber convention in 2018. Since then, he has become more involved in education, investing time, money, and energy into understanding men’s grooming and hair as a whole.  

Over the past six years, CJ has worked on improving his skills and confidence which led to teaching his first class with Byrd Mena and Diego Elizarraras in 2019. CJ said, “Through the glory of God and hard work, a lot of doors have been able to open for me. From being nominated top five in the men’s category for Behind the Chair in 2019, to winning the award in 2021-2023,” and having multiple features in BarberEVO magazine. CJ opened his studio, SPRÜS, in Addison, Texas, where he has full control over his creative freedom – from cutting, coloring, and bringing unique styles to the barber industry. As a Wahl educator, CJ travels to share the knowledge of the craft and spreading passion through the industry.  

Colleen “Coco" Brickley is a Regional Educator for Sport Clips Haircuts, overseeing and supporting fifty-two franchise locations in Utah and Idaho. Coco's journey in education began in 2018, and she is deeply passionate about her role as an educator. Her dedication is evident in her focus on mentoring and nurturing beginner stylists to help them grow and succeed in their careers. Beyond her work in the haircare industry, Coco harbors a dream of opening a beauty school designed to support recovering addicts in their journey toward sobriety. She believes that through education and connection, individuals in recovery can find purpose and a new path in life. 

In 2023, Coco achieved recognition as a top-five barber Grammy nominee at the CT Barber Expo, showcasing her expertise and talent in the field. The previous year, in 2022, she received the Sport Clips Social Media Influencer of the Year Award, highlighting her impact on the industry's digital landscape. In 2020, she was honored with the Heart of Champion Award for Educator at Sport Clips Haircuts. This award is a testament to her unwavering dedication to education and her ability to impact the careers of those she mentors positively and teaches. Coco's dedication to education, her dream of helping those in recovery, and her recognition within the industry all reflect her passion, purpose, and commitment to making a difference in haircare and beyond. 

“It’s not about you, it’s about serving others” – Elaine V. Limbrock 

Rodrick is recognized as a renowned leader in cutting-edge educational methods in Barber Education and Men’s grooming as a Subject Matter Expert in the field of Barber Styling Education, he raised the bar in personal appearance education. He has been an educator and consultant for publishers and manufacturers as well as the exciting and eclectic advanced educational powerhouse Hair Lab Detroit and now Hair Lab Detroit Barber School. Rodrick qualified as a finalist in two of the most prestigious awards for the beauty industry, the International AIPP award for his Men’s Collection in 2016, NAHA 2017 for Men’s Hair Stylist of the Year and is the 2021 Midwest Hair Styling Awards Barber Stylist of the Year. Recently Rodrick won the North American Hair Styling Awards Educator of the Year and is a Finalist for Artistic Team of The Year and Barber of the Year for the Midwest Hair Styling Awards. 

At 14, Rory picked up his first set of clippers, cutting hair for his friends and family in his New Jersey neighborhood. At the age of seventeen, he shipped off to the US Navy where he gained more experience barbering and, in 2004, used his Gl Bill to attend the Paul Mitchell Parisian Beauty Academy. 
He is now a Licensed Instructor and 2023 will mark his third decade of experience behind the chair.  In 2023 he was nominated for “Educator of the Year” at the “International Barber Grammy’s”.  

Rory has graced the stages and classrooms at the Biggest Barber Expos like “The CT Barber Expo” and “BARBERCON” year after year.  When he is not speaking to our industry, Rory is still behind the chair servicing his guests to this day. 
Barbers and stylists will feel more empowered and dangerous after one of his classes! 

Steven Wren is a multiple award-winning barber, Sola Salon Suite owner, and the creator of the Fade Away Barber and Beauty Summit. ​ 

As the owner of Steven Brandon Hair Studio located in Bloomingdale, IL., Steven understands the value of mentorship-based relationships behind the chair and beyond it. In 2015 Fade Away Barber and Beauty Summit was established with the purpose of showcasing the talents of students, professional barbers, and cosmetologists. Since 2015 it has become one of the biggest barber and beauty expos in Illinois.​ 

Steven has been selected out of 17,000 + Sola Salon suite owners to be a "Face of Sola" brand ambassador and has since been co-emcee of the annual Sola Sessions event. He is an experienced barber educator and platform artist who has been featured in major digital and print publications. He was recognized as one of Modern Salon’s Top 100 industry game changers in 2021. This inspiring individual has collaborated virtually and in person on multiple beauty industry webinars, podcasts, and motivating platforms.